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You’ll Love the Ribs

With four well know teams in our row of Ribbers, you can bet they will be competing hard to impress you with their saucy prowess.  Try as many as you want.


Much More Than Ribs

Amazing Ribs are guaranteed at Ribfest, but you will find more than that to tease your taste buds.

Beaver Tails

Golden Onion

1000 Curry



Sunny Hotdog

Donkey Kone


Lions Cotton Candy

Pies for God’s Sake Grace United Church


Visit Our Artisan Alley and Rotary Arts and Craft Show

Great food and amazing live music aren’t the only reasons you’ll enjoy Ribfest.  There will be dozens of booths representing local businesses, charities and community groups in the Artisan Alley and the Arts and Craft Show.

Are YOU a Vendor .. Join us

The vendors form an essential part of the Ribfest experience, and it is the chance for local, national and international ventures to

showcase their commerce and to do some trade.  The event annually draws in over 20,000 visitors, so the opportunity for a business

  • Vendor set up Thursday June 29 2023

  •  Operate Friday June 30- July 2 

  •  Health inspection Friday June 30 noon

  •  Clear site by noon July 3

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